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Research Support Services


Research greenhouse complex: Northern Arizona University’s Research Greenhouse Complex maintains eight 1000-square-foot greenhouses and the facilities required to propagate plants for SEGA research activities. Please visit the Research Greenhouse Complex website for complete information about the facilities, user information, and a space request form. Space is allocated on a first come, first served basis and researches are encouraged to contact the Greenhouse Manager, Phil Patterson, at the time grants are submitted about space requirements, project timing, and pricing information.

Field crew support: SEGA staff can make arrangements for field staff to assist you plant and maintain your research plots. For questions and pricing information, please contact us.

Housing: For researchers working near Flagstaff, the Merriam-Powell Research Station (MPRS) offers affordable housing and research facilities to scientists and students conducting field work. MPRS facilities, which are on the grounds of The Arboretum at Flagstaff, are available for rental from April 1 to November 1, and may be available during the winter months with special arrangements. The facilities offered by MPRS include overnight housing (two bunk rooms and a private apartment), a large meeting room, and a basic lab. For more information or to make reservations, please email MPRS or call 928-523-1812.

Gas and Respiration Analysis: SEGA includes several instruments for the study of gas exchange, isotopic analysis and respiration.  In general, a user can expect to learn to use any of these instruments in about an hour. The Licor survey respiration instrument is somewhat more complex and may require more training.  We charge $100 per user per year for the Piccaro instruments to offset the cost of expendables. We charge $300 per user per year for the LICOR instrument. Please contact Paul Dijkstra for more details.
  •     CO2 and CH4 concentration and isotope analyzer – Picarro G2201
  •     N20 concentration and isotope analyzer – Picarro G5101  (NAU- Research Investment Funds RIF-REAP award money)
  •     Mobile LICOR survey respiration - LI-8100A


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