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Outreach & Teaching Resources

Both The Arboretum at Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon Trust are actively involved in the SEGA network – and especially with educational and outreach activities.

With a grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust The Arboretum is developing place-based climate change teaching curricula and public outreach specifically related to SEGA. Outreach and educational materials include: middle school education curricula (Grades 6, 7 & 8), educational exhibits, traveling exhibit materials, public education and docent training, as well as teacher workshop curricula and climate change education assessment instruments.
Contact Kris Haskins ( ) for more information.

The Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research is located 40 miles NW of Prescott, AZ in the Prescott National Forest.
This facility is adjacent to another SEGA garden featuring old-field, pinyon-juniper and riparian habitat.

Classroom and laboratory space, workshop space, and camping amenities are available to users. On site managers are available to assist with events and logistics, as well as to help run and maintain experiments.

The Grand Canyon Trust (GCT) is supporting four of the ten SEGA garden sites in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon region. With the help of the GCT’s ranching partner Justun Jones, the Trust is working with SEGA researchers to construct fences and supply waters to the experimental gardens. GCT volunteer coordinators also arrange for volunteer groups ranging from high school students to retirees to help with fencing, irrigation and equipment installations and to participate in data gathering activities at SEGA sites on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon every summer.

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Learn more about volunteer experiences here!
.. or read a student blog about being a SEGA-GCT volunteer here:

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