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Current Projects

The role of genetics in herbivore resistance, growth and stress tolerance of Nicotiana attenua. A study to examine the role of genetics in herbivore resistance, growth and stress tolerance of Nicotiana attenua (commonly known as wild or coyote tobacco) is taking place at the SEGA Walnut Creek (... read more

A large common garden experiment with 1000 genotypes of black cottowood Populus trichocarpa is currently ongoing at SEGA's Bradshaw Ranch site, west of Sedona. The genotypes, take from the center of the tree's natural range were propagated in the NAU Research Greenhouses and planted in... read more

Our working hypothesis is that because plants and soil organisms such as beneficial fungi have co-evolved closely, when plants are confronted with challenging new climates they will survive better if they are growing in the presence of co-adapted soil organisms. Assisted migration work on key... read more

This project 1) identify ponderosa pine populations in the southwestern US suitable for future reforestation projects during increasing aridity; 2) understand traits of ponderosa pine associated with genetic adaptation to aridity. Two important... read more

In collaboration with colleagues at the USGS and UC Davis, this research team is developing predictive models of plant community and ecosystem responses to global environmental change through a variety of experimental treatments, measurements and monitoring. This... read more

Replicate clones collect from two common gardens are being tested to see whether environment effects persist through cloning and planting in new gardens.  Three replicates each of 36 genotypes from two different garden – in total 216 ramets (i.e. plants that... read more

Megachilidae bees are among the world’s most efficient pollinators and sold commercially for that purpose. Commonly known as ‘mason bees’ or ‘leafcutter bees’ are usually solitary and rather than carrying pollen on their hind legs like most other bees, they carry... read more

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is currently building a third phase of interactive outdoor Climate Change Kiosks with a theme based around the research being carried out on SEGA. The kiosk provide based curriculum guides... read more

A demonstration restoration project on the Little Colorado River was established in summer 2017 in collaboration with Babbitt Ranches on land protected by a long-term conservation easement. Pulliam Trust support has allowed for the propagation and planting of... read more

Research as part of a larger FSML and Institute for the Study of the Ecological and Evolutionary Climate Impacts grant is being integrated carried out at a satellite site of with SEGA. A grant obtained by Elliot Campbell (UCSC) and Todd Dawson (UCB) is looking at... read more


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